We offer a range of outdoor learning sessions for schools and other educational establishments.

Forest School Sessions

Nes’s experience of working with both primary and secondary children, children with behavioural and emotional challenges and gifted and talented children means that she knows that learning needs to be constantly adapted to suit the individuals.

Forest School can help develop personal, social and emotional skills: independence, self-discovery, confidence, communication and raise self-esteem.

A forest school course would usually be a minimum of 6 sessions to give ample opportunity for participants to benefit fully from the experience.

What do the children do?
Some of the activities will always be available, but Forest School is child led, and allows them to participate in what they are most interested in. Sessions can also be tailored to fit with a topic (such as Vikings) or a book (such as Kensuke’s Kingdom) to give focus and hands-on experience to take back into the classroom.

Activities can include:

  • Making tangible crafts from natural resources to take home
  • Nature awareness games, which develop movement skills.
  • Using imagination, playing pretend with things they find.
  • Looking for flora and fauna in their natural environment.
  • Using blindfolds to discover other senses, enhancing perception.
  • Learning how to safely use hand tools such as peelers and palm drills.
  • Sawing wood with bow saws and fixed blade saws.
  • Forage, cook and eat as a group.
  • Tying knots to make things work.
  • Making dens and tracking animals.
  • Whittling sticks and making fire, using matches and fire steels


Curriculum Enrichment

Learning outdoors can provoke a curiosity in learning that cannot often be achieved in the classroom. We offer a huge variety of curriculum enrichment for all year groups to suit your needs which can take place over a day, a week or longer. Some schools like to have an “outdoor week” where I work with different classes throughout the week.

We can travel anywhere in the country to run one off Curriculum Enrichment days.

Maths Outside!
We all know that maths is all around us but implementing this can be tricky. During this session we shall make the best use of your school grounds and integrate practical maths activities into your outside spaces and educational visits. This session makes specific links to the new curriculum for maths for Key Stages One and Two, especially implementing problem solving.

Outdoor School Science Lab
A report on science education published by Ofsted in November 2013 found that the more pupils do science for themselves, the more they learn, the more interested they become, and the more likely they are to study science in the future. We shall go beyond “bug hunts”to deliver aspects of the new Science curriculum.

Plants and Trees
We shall make the most of your outdoor environment and link outdoor learning to the new National Curriculum. We shall show children how to identify different trees and plants, as required in the new science curriculum as well as teaching about the historical uses of plants for health and well being. We can also teach whittling and making the most of the weeds and wood around you.

Plants and Poetry, Stones and Stories.
Experiential learning is vital in developing children’s imagination. This course will help to catapult your students into writing. The session can cover developing stories, using and composing poetry and generating word banks for use in the classroom.

We are flexible enough to be able to tailor our provision to the needs of your school. If there is an element of teaching, learning, or playing in the outdoors that your setting requires but is not covered by one of these courses, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Other examples of previous curriculum enrichment lessons and days include:

  • Developing boys’ writing through outdoor stimulus
  • Solving mathematical puzzles and logic
  • Equivalent Fractions
  • World Book Day- Bringing Kensuke’s Kingdom alive
  • Dinosaur Day
  • Seeds and dispersal



Nes has vast experience of delivering programmes in Special Schools and with groups and individuals with Special Needs, including Asperger’s and Autism, Severe Learning Difficulties and complex needs.

A variety of communication methods are employed including visuals and written schedules of the activities and the steps to complete the activities for ASC pupils to ensure understanding and ease of transition.

Programmes include 6 week, year long or one-off session in forest school, gardening and outdoor learning appropriate to the needs of all children and adults.



School sessions are delivered to suit the needs of the school.
Nes’s experience of working with both primary and secondary children, children with behavioural and emotional challenges and gifted and talented children means that she knows that learning needs to be constantly adapted.

INSET sessions usually involve a briefing about why outdoor learning is important, sharing research that shows an increase in social and academic skills can be achieved. We then share a variety of ways in which lessons and the curriculum can be adapted to take outdoors. This part of the day is very practical and hands-on and enables teachers to experience for themselves ready-made lessons to take straight back to their class.

School practitioners will have the chance to plan and utilise the outdoor learning environment to its maximum benefit for their pupils. This offers participants an understanding of current theory and the chance to apply new skills through practical activities with the outdoors.

The training will help you:

  • Develop a greater understanding of the benefits of outdoor play and learning
  • Apply the curriculum to the outdoors
  • Make best use of the outdoors as an engaging and fun way to learn
  • Focus on science and maths in the outdoors – with a seasonal twist!
  • Develop topic ideas including habitats and animals
  • Use tools and natural materials for outdoor learning

Mindful Walks

Mindful walks are the perfect way to experience the mountains and glens of the Lake District while increasing our mindful awareness of our senses and the stunning landscapes around us.

Yogic mindfulness and our experience of natural beauty are symbiotic. The space and serenity provided by the natural world assists with stilling our minds. Allowing the mind to settle into a present and aware experience increases the vividness of how we experience our surroundings.

The walks include some simple yoga practice, meditation and mindfulness exercises. They can be individually tailored to the needs of the group, such as lowland walking or walking in the high fells. Nes has experience of leading walks with both children and adults, including those with learning disabilities, from all backgrounds and abilities.

Nes offers a variety of walks including full, half day, evening walks and retreats/expeditions. Walks are led by Nes, who is an experienced Mountain Leader and trained in Yogic Mindfulness and yoga.