Mindfully Wild

Forest School with Yogic Mindfulness for adults and children to develop a deeper connection with themselves, their surroundings and others.

Forest School can help develop personal, social and emotional skills: independence, self-discovery, confidence, communication and raise self-esteem.

Activities can include:
Making tangible crafts from natural resources to take home;  Nature awareness games, which develop movement skills; Using imagination, playing pretend with things they find; Looking for flora and fauna in their natural environment; Using blindfolds to discover other senses, enhancing perception; Learning how to safely use hand tools such as peelers and palm drills; Sawing wood with bow saws and fixed blade saws; Forage, cook and eat as a group; Tying knots to make things work; Making dens; Whittling sticks and making fire, using fire steels.

Nes incorporates mindfulness into these sessions whereby participants can further develop connection with themselves and their surroundings.

Nes develops each session to the needs of the group, both in planning as well as being led by curiosity and enjoyment of participants on the day. Sessions are adaptable and participant-led.

Currently, sessions are by arrangement. Nes works with schools, youth groups, community groups and friendship groups and is open to working with anyone wanting a woodland adventure! Please email for information.

Sessions can be combined with Mindful Walks to make a whole day of mindful outdoor adventures.

Sometimes Nes offers public sessions, see the schedule or email for details.