Nes has vast experience of delivering programmes in Special Schools and with groups and individuals with Special Needs, including Asperger’s and Autism, Severe Learning Difficulties and complex needs.

A variety of communication methods are employed including visuals and written schedules of the activities and the steps to complete the activities for ASC pupils to ensure understanding and ease of transition.

Programmes include 6 week, year long or one-off session in forest school, gardening and outdoor learning appropriate to the needs of all children and adults.


“The session was exciting, engaging and relevant to the learning needs of the pupils – thank you very much!”
N Galloway, Headteacher Kingsweston Special School

“Thank you for all that you have done in raising the profile of our wonderful outside spaces – the kids (and staff) have loved every minute of it!”
Assistant Head, Special School

“Ideas were brilliant – gave me lots more ideas to incorporate outdoor learning as part of my planning.”
Class Teacher

“Activities accessible for all levels”
Asst. Head, Special School

“The forest schools sessions have raised pupil self-esteem.”
Class Teacher, Special School

“Interesting, appropriate and motivating resources”
Class Teacher, Special School