Yoga & Mindfulness

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Nes offers Yoga and Mindfulness in schools for PSHE, wellbeing, one to one/ small enrichment groups, PE or as an after school club.


  • Yoga encourages children to delight in moving their bodies in a non-stressful and non-competitive atmosphere
  • Yoga helps children develop an understanding and awareness of how their bodies move and breathe.
  • Improves physical strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance
  • The quiet, focussed, unhurried nature of yoga and mindfulness practice encourages qualities that assist children in coping with their busy and sometimes stressful lives
  • Whilst being excellent for developing body awareness and co-ordination, Yoga also gives children the tools to create their own relaxation techniques
  • Sessions use story and visualisation which can help develop creativity and imagination that can inspire literacy work and ingenuity
  • Yoga and Mindfulness help to alleviate anxiety and tension, and encourage cooperation and understanding of ourselves and those around us
  • Yoga encourages whole-brain learning
  • Develop communication skills and a sense of connection and empathy

Session details

Each class will/may include movement, rhymes and stories, games and simple breath work. Guided relaxation, using meditation stories and relaxation techniques appropriate to children, will be a part of each class
The class will be a maximum of 15 children, made up of children in close age groups
The class can be 30-45 minutes long
For schools & establishments I meet the requirements of the EYFS and the National Curriculum.

Younger children will explore yogic movement in a fun and engaging way using storytelling, song and somatic movement.

Older children and young people will explore mindful movement, breath and relaxation techniques, especially beneficial around exam time or at tricky times.

Sessions can be adapted to fit the current class topic or group focus. For example if you are currently teaching the Stone Age Nes can deliver yoga using stories and songs connected to that topic.

I am a fully trained and IYN accredited Yoga and Mindfulness practitioner for children. I have an Enchanced DBS and am fully insured to deliver yoga and mindfulness both in and out of school settings.

Contact to arrange a free 20 minute taster session or to discuss a program to suit your needs.


Nes delivers family yoga that is accessible for all types of families and family members. Whatever your body shape or fitness there will be something for everyone to get involved with and enjoy. Sessions are packed with yoga movement, breath and relaxation through storytelling, song, dance and craft activities.

Yoga and mindfulness are great for children and families and the session is a great way to connect body, mind, breath and to each other. There are so many benefits to family yoga, a few are:

– Non competitive activity and group/partner work to develop co-operation

– Develop physical strength, flexibility, fine-motor skills, co-ordination.

– Cultivate peacefulness and positive, compassionate thinking.

– Having fun! Family yoga is not about achieving the perfect pose but about being and learning together.

Nes offers regular group family yoga classes and is also available for private family yoga sessions to help your family develop a home practice to suit you.